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Graduation Yearly Planning

Graduation registrations begins during the summer before the spring graduation. Places for graduation are on a first come, first served format as long as graduation guidelines have been met by the student.  All students must meet graduation guideline requirements (see link above) or be pre-approved by the RAACHE board for participation in graduation on a case by case basis if room is available. Participants are limited to approximately 30 students (max of 32) due to time constraints. Graduation planning begins in January each year. The planning process and graduation ceremony share a common goal of glorifying the Lord.


Plans are now underway for the 2018 RAACHE high school graduation. This is always a meaningful and at times emotional ceremony celebrating the accomplishments of both the graduates and their parents alike. This year we will have a record number of graduates participating. In earlier newsletters, the guidelines for participation in the ceremony were outlined. These guidelines have also been listed on our website for a few years (see above pdf link). Several families who did not meet these guidelines petitioned the board to participate in this year’s ceremony and were put on a waiting list until the total number of graduates was known. While we as a board would like everyone to participate in the graduation ceremony, because of the numbers this year, we unfortunately were not able to include those individuals on the wait list. It was a decision that the board did not make lightly.

As home school becomes a viable option for more families, we will continue to have more potential graduates. At the same time, we have limitations for the graduation ceremony regarding length of time and venue options as more churches have Saturday services or no longer rent out their space. Because of this, adherence to the guidelines and registration deadlines is increasingly necessary. We welcome those of you with students who are planning to participate in the RAACHE graduation ceremony in future years to be mindful of the graduation participation guidelines and deadlines now so that you do not miss qualifying for graduation when your turn comes.

If you know of someone who is not a RAACHE member but hopes to graduate with RAACHE students, please encourage them to also download the guidelines above as a reference both now and in the future.

For the RAACHE Board,

Tom Bergquist


graduation registration for 2018 is now closed.

PLease continue to watch this site for registration for the class of 2019

To notify the board that you have a student that meets the criteria listed in the guidelines whom you would like to put on the spring graduation list, please subscribe to Graduation '18 below.